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  • Espri - Family & Cruising Kayak
    The Espri delivers class leading performance in the waves, on the ocean and lakes, fishing or just cruising. The Espri glides through the water so much easier than other brands this size, making it a joy to use.

    Like all of the Viking family kayaks, the Espri comes standard with Safety Lines fitted around the sides. This important safety feature makes it much easier to reboard the Kayak.

    It's the ultimate all-rounder offering maneuverability, speed, and stability in a package the whole family can paddle. The seating position puts your heels lower than your seat, this makes it very comfortable.

    Large rear well provides adequate space for a child, the family dog or a dry bag with extra gear.

    Two hatches, the one infront of the seat is easy to access while paddling, and has a bucket inside to prevent your small items getting lost inside the hull. The forward hatch provides access to the bow for added storage.

    Two rod holders are fitted.
    NZ$ 999.00
    NZ$ 868.70 excl GST
  • Lagoon with free Eco paddle

    Our Lagoon kayak is made especially for smaller paddlers. The flatter hull makes it easy to paddle with excellent stability, providing confidence and safety.

    The rear well is ideal for snorkelling gear and a dry bag, while the centre hatch has a bucket inside for your smaller items like keys and snack bars.

    Another handy design feature is that the Lagoon is stackable so it's easy to load two on your roof racks.

    Available in solid bright colors

    Package includes:
    •Propelz Eco Paddle
    •Side grab handles
    •Front and Rear Well
    •1 x Storage Hatch with removable bucket

    •Length 2.6m
    •Width 74cm
    •Weight 16kg
    •Carrying capacity 100kg
    NZ$ 499.00
    NZ$ 433.91 excl GST
  • Nemo - Family Fun Kayak
    The Nemo takes our fantastically successful smaller kayak and stretches it for even more room and performance.

    Like all of the Viking family kayaks, the Nemo comes standard with Safety Lines fitted around the sides. This important safety feature makes it much easier for children to reboard the Kayak.

    Compact, light, and stable are the catchwords here. The Nemo is a family recreational kayak that's great to paddle, easy to transport, and easy to store.

    The increase in length allows more room in the cockpit meaning your child can come along for fun. The extra length also improves tracking and glide.

    The deeper cockpit and flatter hull give a fantastically stable ride, and the central hatch with bucket provides internal storage for your smaller items.

    Selecting the Nemo is the right choice for those looking for a little more performance and capacity than the shorter kayaks while keeping all their easy to transport and easy to store advantages.
    NZ$ 749.00
    NZ$ 651.30 excl GST
  • Ozzie - Light & Stable Family Kayak
    A kayak made for fun, the Viking Ozzie shows what recreational kayaks should be capable of, playing in the waves, exploring waterways, or even launching through the rocks to find out what's just around the corner.

    Much more than just a toy, this is a kayak that will take kids of all ages on an adventure. It's short, light, and easy to manage, yet has the stability and capacity to take paddlers up to 120kg.

    The cockpit grab lines give junior paddlers safe handholds when they're in the water and also make it easier for everyone to get back on board.

    The fitted rod holder means you can head out a safe distance and try your luck at catching dinner! The Ozzie is very stable to fish from.

    The deeper cockpit and flatter hull give a fantastically stable ride, and the central hatch which has a bucket fitted to prevent your items getting lost inside the hull.

    Choose the Ozzie if you're looking for a small fun kayak made for paddlers large and small.
    NZ$ 599.00
    NZ$ 520.87 excl GST
  • Profish 440 - Serious Fishing Kayak
    Our Viking Profish 440 continues to set the standard for fishing kayaks. This is the kayak used by NZ's most well known kayak fishing expert, Stephen Tapp.

    The upgraded Profish 440, incorporating new Viking technology, has arrived. Enhanced with harder materials and lighter weight this serious fishing kayak comes with a market leading configuration as standard to suit the serious kayak angler.

    The Profish 440 Evolution IV is the only kayak on the market to offer such a comprehensive range of features and technology to accommodate practically every fishing style.

    Choose the Profish 440 if you're looking for the ultimate combination of speed, stealth (no hull slap), stability, and versatility wrapped up in a package that's lighter in weight and has the features to deliver a great fishing experience!


    Brass inserts for fitting accessories
    Large front and rear wells
    Tackle Station with clear cover and bait board
    Softbait storage well
    NZ$ 1,699.00
    NZ$ 1,477.39 excl GST
  • Profish GT - Compact
    This is the latest fishing kayak from Viking, designed for anglers looking for a compact casting platform to present baits and lures. At just 3.6m long, yet with a full size cockpit and our removable Tackle Pod system, the Profish GT is exceptionally easy to handle on and off the water. Plenty of bow lift, turned down edges, and a broad hull helps tame surf transitions. Whether you're exploring small creeks or lobbing big baits around coastal headlands, the stability and load capacity will amaze you. Add the optional rudder and you have one of the most versatile fishing kayaks it's possible to own.

    Package includes:
    •Propelz Speed fibreglass paddle
    •Deluxe Fisherman Seat
    •Removable Tackle Pod
    •1 Hatch with Bucket
    •Footrests, 4 Rod Holders,
    •Side Carry Handles (moulded in)
    •Paddle Park
    •Fish Stringer Park
    •Inserts for accessories
    •Large oval hatch fitted on foredeck

    •3.6m length
    •82cm width
    NZ$ 1,899.00
    NZ$ 1,651.30 excl GST
  • Profish Reload -Premium Fishing Kayak

    The Profish Reload combines the very best features of the Profish 400 lite and the Profish 440. Add the innovative new features and it provides the kayak angler with the finest fishing kayak available.

    Read the latest review from experienced USA kayak angler Chris Ferguson HERE.

    *Fast, stable, and easy to manage on and off the water, this is the kayak of choice for anglers seeking touring endurance combined with the stability to land record class fish!

    *The Viking Tackle Pod™ system offers a worldwide first: a fully integrated and removable sounder, battery, and transducer setup combined with a large tackle storage space. It’s now quick and easy to remove or reload your valuable sounder, transducer, and tackle - the ultimate in convenience.

    *With the Tackle Pod™ removed for transporting the Viking Profish Reload is much lighter and easier to load onto your roof rack.

    Features you’ll enjoy:
    •·The Fastest fishing kayak in our
    NZ$ 2,499.00
    NZ$ 2,173.04 excl GST
  • Viking 2 + 1 - Double,Triple or Solo
    The ideal kayak for those wanting the versatility of a double kayak that can be easily paddled solo too. This complete package comes with two free comfortable backrest seats and paddles, so you're set to go!

    The Viking 2+1 now comes set for fishing, having two rod holders plus two 'Starports' to fit extra, adjustable Railblaza rod holders.

    Like all of the Viking family kayaks, the Viking 2+1 comes standard with Safety Lines fitted around the sides. This important safety feature makes it much easier for children to reboard the Kayak.

    The new Viking 2+1 is versatility personified and now includes number of fantastic additions. The 2+1 is now even lighter ensuring it's probably the easiest double kayak to handle both on and off the water.

    The 2+1 is a double kayak that's been designed specifically for easy paddling as a single, a double, or even as a double with a junior sitting in the middle, making it much easier to get the whole family on the water.
    NZ$ 1,299.00
    NZ$ 1,129.57 excl GST
  • Viking Replay - Versatile Family
    Our brilliant new recreational kayak, the Viking Replay delivers a full size cockpit, comfortable seating, adjustable footrests, and our unique Kid Pod for added versatility. The hull is shaped to give fantastic stability while allowing excellent control and manoeuvrability, and for those who want to play the turned down edges make waves fun. The large rear well and great load capacity also makes this a fantastic dive platform. Trick it up with optional Reload Tackle Pod and oval front hatch, add the rudder system, and you have a mini-tourer for those summer expeditions.

    Package includes:
    •Interchangeable Kid Pod,
    •1 Hatch with Bucket,
    •Side Carry Handles (moulded in),
    •Inserts for accessories.

    •3.6m length
    •82cm width
    •24kg weight
    •175kg carrying capacity
    NZ$ 1,299.00
    NZ$ 1,129.57 excl GST
  • Profish 35

    The Profish 35 is a compact fishing kayak designed with lure fishing in mind. The unique front wells give you a place to quickly drop your lure, lay the rod flat, and reposition the kayak for the next cast. The shorter 3.5 meter length offers excellent manoeuvrability while hull shape delivers great load capacity and stability. This is a kayak for juniors and adults alike.

    The large central storage well offers ample room for tackle and other essential gear. The removable lid provides security and easy access, and also makes an excellent mounting surface for electronics. The flush rod holders are within comfortable reach for larger and smaller paddlers, and the rear well offers ample storage for both fresh and salt water anglers.

    Features you will enjoy:
    •Great stability, even when fully loaded
    •Large central well storage and lid
    •Perfect rear storage well for easy access
    •2 x front lure wells.
    •4 x flush mount rod holders
    NZ$ 1,299.00
    NZ$ 1,129.57 excl GST
  • Tempo 2

    PADDLE OR POWER - a full featured double fishing kayak with storage for both anglers

    The Viking Tempo Fisherman 2 double answers the long awaited call for a stable, roomy, fishing and expedition double kayak. It features comfortable moulded seats, backrest, and large front and rear wells for fish and gear. These kayaks are super stable, and have been designed to be powered by an electric motor. Paddle or motor, you will enjoy many happy hours in your Tempo 2 kayak – whether you are fishing, diving, free diving or on expedition.

    •4 x 6" hatches
    •4 x Gear Bungee's
    •6 x Rodholder's
    •Easy to carry handles
    •2 x Paddle Parks
    •Large front fish/gear well
    •Large rear fish/gear well
    •Large self draining cockpit
    •Comfortable moulded seats

    •Foot pedal/foot rests
    •Grab line
    •Rudder system
    •Electric Motor Mount Kit

    Available colors:
    •Green / Yellow
    •Red / Yellow
    NZ$ 1,799.00
    NZ$ 1,564.35 excl GST
  • Kayaks - Espri Angler - Family Fishing Kayak
    The awesome Espri Angler lifts compact fishing kayak performance to a whole new level; it’s lighter than full size fishing kayaks and paddles great!
    The Espri Angler takes Viking’s iconic Espri and rigs it ready for both fresh and salt water fishing.

    Multiple rod holders let you position your fishing tackle where you need it and the upgraded free paddle and seat options make your time on the water even more comfortable.

    Important fittings such as the paddle holder and fish stringer holder are supplied as standard, and have been semi-recessed into the deck for an uncluttered finish.

    Anglers large and small, serious or relaxed, appreciate the nimbleness and stability the Espri Angler offers.

    Whether you’re drifting baits, casting lures, flicking a fly line or just towing the long line out, this kayak puts brilliant on-water performance into a package that’s also fantastically easy to manage off the water and onto your roof rack.
    NZ$ 1,149.00
    NZ$ 999.13 excl GST
  • Oxygen 5.7 Ski - Fitness & Touring

    The Oxygen 5.7 is the ideal fitness and training Ski. Perfect for clubs and touring as the Oxygen Ski offers more stability than full on race versions, while still maintaining excellent hull speed.

    Being made from UV stabilised HDPE means it's maintenance free and bullet proof, making it ideal for clubs as well as individuals wanting a no maintenance craft that can handle knocks and scrapes.

    Length: 5.7m (18')
    Width: 0.63 (24")
    Weight: 27kg (59lb)

    Comes with rudder. No paddle or seat.
    Feel free to watch the Oxygen on Silverfin TV
    NZ$ 1,299.00
    NZ$ 1,129.57 excl GST

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