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Fishing Equipment


  • Fish Hook Remover
    Stainless Steel
    As used by Silverfin Fishing Charters
    NZ$ 17.00
    NZ$ 14.78 excl GST
  • Gaff
    600mm long Fixed handle
    NZ$ 29.90
    NZ$ 26.00 excl GST
  • 5 compartment tackle box
    These are great little boxes.
    NZ$ 4.00
    NZ$ 3.48 excl GST
  • Tackle Box
    Single tray.
    NZ$ 32.50
    NZ$ 28.26 excl GST
  • budget knife
    cheap but a goodie
    100mm blade
    NZ$ 9.90
    NZ$ 8.61 excl GST
  • Bent Nose Fishing Pliers
    As used by Silverfin Fishing Charters
    11 inches long
    NZ$ 24.90
    NZ$ 21.65 excl GST
  • Beach Spike
    Sea Harvester beach spike
    1200mm long
    NZ$ 29.95
    NZ$ 26.04 excl GST
  • Net Floats
    As used on all fishing set nets
    NZ$ 1.10
    NZ$ 0.96 excl GST
  • A Tackle box for the young fisho
    Single tray and a great starter tackle box
    NZ$ 25.95
    NZ$ 22.57 excl GST
  • Bait Box
    Insulated bait box.
    Great to keep your bait separate.
    NZ$ 21.95
    NZ$ 19.09 excl GST
    NZ$ 42.90
    NZ$ 37.30 excl GST
  • Fishy Finger Soap;
    Get the smell off and clean your mitts
    NZ$ 4.95
    NZ$ 4.30 excl GST
  • Great little tackle box
    Great for all the smaller tackle.
    Hooks., flies, swivels. etc
    overall size 150 x 250
    NZ$ 11.95
    NZ$ 10.39 excl GST
  • Light Sleeves
    25 pieces
    50mm long
    NZ$ 7.95
    NZ$ 6.91 excl GST
  • Telescopic Landing
    Telescopic landing net

    - UV resist rubber net

    - Entry size: 50cm high, 60cm wide
    NZ$ 69.95
    NZ$ 60.83 excl GST

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